The 1st/10th

A tough hole to start with. A long par 4 (par 5 for ladies) requires a well hit drive to set up the chance to hit the green in two. There’s out of bounds and a bunker to the right of the fairway as you drive and as you approach the green look out for the greenside bunker left and the green slopes away from you. As I said, it’s a tough start hole!

The 2nd/11th

It doesn’t get any easier first time round as this long par 3 2nd hole provides another stiff challenge. There’s a pond in front of the green and it protects the right half of the green so if you’re not carrying the pond with your tee shot you’ll need to keep it left of the pond. Second time round provides a much easier challenge as the short par 3 11th hole offers a much easier approach.

The 3rd/12th

The 3rd and 12th holes provide a much easier challenge as this short par 4 dogleg right can often play as the easiest hole on the course. However don’t be fooled as the trees on the right can be very troublesome if you happen to frequent them. There are a couple bunkers to avoid down the right hand side of the hole and in front of the green. For the longer hitter this green is driveable in one.

The 4th/13th

The 4th & 13th hole often play into a tricky wind making this par 4 all the more tough. Look out for the staggered bunkers right and left as you hit your tee shot. The green is fairly long so trust your swing and make sure you’ve got plenty of club. There’s a bunker short and right of the green to gather the slightly mishit approach.

The 5th/14th

Arguably our signature holes. The 14th hole was the longest golf hole in the UK for many years. These very long par 5’s provide a very stiff challenge to all levels of golfers. The landing area from the tee is very narrow but distance from the tee is a necessity. Further down the hole is a pond to the left side of the fairway and three bulky oak trees guarding the way through to the green. Once past the oak trees you will be faced with an approach of less than 150yards. Negotiate the bunker short and right of the green and you’re nearly there.

The 6th/15th

This is a great par 3 both times. The green appears tiny from the tee as the two bunkers left and right give the impression that the green is very narrow. But don’t be fooled, the green widens and the landing area is fair. Pick your club wisely and commit to the shot, you’ll be fine!

The 7th/16th

The 7th and 16th holes are very pretty as they wind through the trees. This short par 4 dogleg left rewards a bold drive but often the best play from the tee is to position your tee shot between the two bunkers either side of the fairway. A tricky approach awaits as the big bunker short and right of the green offers good protection. This kidney shaped green can be tricky so choose your club wisely.

The 8th/17th

A pretty par 4 with trees right and left off the tee. It’s a fairly straight hole but there is a fairway bunker down the right side of the fairway so my advice is keep it left side of fairway if you can. The approach to the green is generous but a slight pull or push might leave you in one of the two greenside bunkers so keep it straight !

The 9th/18th

This is a fabulous finishing hole. The hole is very narrow and to make things worse there is a carefully positioned bunker on the left side of the fairway. This will steer you to the right a little but be warned, there is a greenside bunker guarding the front right of the green. It takes a brave soul to take on this bunker as the clubhouse patio is looming behind the green for any over hit approach shots.


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